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Reduced Maual Entry

Repetive manual entry increases the possibility for errors and increases overhead costs unnecessarily. Find cost effective ways to reduce manual entry and free up your admin for more rewarding and productive tasks.

System Bottlenecks

Get your systems to "talk" to each other through system integration. Link legacy or "home grown" systems with enterprise processes, automate spreadsheets, or increase data visibility by integrating your business systems.

Customized Software

Add functionality to commercial software programs or build simple custom solutions to fit your needs. From inventory tracking to purchasing to vendor contract managment, build what you need, based on your business style.

Save Money, Save Time

Save money on expensive software licenses for bloated enterprise systems that you may not need. Build custom software tailored to your current proven processes and reduce training time needed for rapid system adoption.
After All, We're a Small Business Too
Service With a Smile

Services Offered

Database Design & Management

  • Relational database design
  • Multiple Platforms available

Website Design & Management

  • Intranets
  • Multimedia Websites
  • Customer Login areas

User Training & Support

  • Complete Documentation provided
  • Low cost maintenance plans available

Application Design & Development

  • Interactive office applications for a wide range of uses
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Our Track Record

Linking Opportunity

Created a website for the non-profit organization Linking Opportunity utilizing the free CMS Dot Net Nuke platform. Created custom modules for site and trained administrators to operate site independently.
“Extremely happy with the final product and the service throughout the development process. Works super hard, is technically savvy and is an even better person. Will definitely work with her again and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.” - Haresh V., Linking Opportunity Mentor


Mealspring is MVC 3 Application utilizing javascript and ajax to create a fluid user experience. Application consumes REST web services and executes automated scripting jobs. This application uses JQuery to parse user submitted html through the use of javascript bookmark buttons installed to a user's browser.

Midwest Express

Midwest Express contracted work to be performed to integrate multiple financial systems.

Midwest Early Ford

Midwest Early Ford improved their ordering process by updating a home grown order system on the Microsoft Access platform.
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Getting to Know TTS

Terra Gilbert, Owner

I am a Software Engineer who began my career in the Accounting field but soon discovered that computers were far more interesting. From my first experiences managing JDEdwards EnterpriseOne and automating balancing spreadsheets bloomed a thirst for knowledge in databases and applications. I returned to school to study database design and information technology. I have been working in the industry for the last 6 years, learning as much as possible along the way. Feel free to view my linkedin profile for an up to date list of certifications, qualifications and recommendations.
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